Saunton Surfboat
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GB Surf Lifesaving Masters Championships Portreath 2008

Saunton Sands are Masters Champions! The Surfboat crew did their bit, gaining silver medals for the boat race held in windy, but sunny, onshore conditions at Portreath. The Masters team gained over 3000 points on the day and we were delighted to be able to support our club. Photos by Neil Phillips and Pete Cropper.

Saunton had the best marquee as well!
Ready to start.
Get in boys!
The row out.
Small wave to go over.
Now we're finally out the back!
Rowing for the buoy.
200m to go boys!
We were level with Porthtowan out to the buoy.
We're now returning to the beach.
Some good waves on the way back in.
Ready to trail.
Trail oars!
Porthtowan already running for the flag.
Neil and Lazy run in.
Neil running to the flag for the silver medal.
The victorious Saunton Masters team.
We were very pleased, Gary just wanted to eat crisps!
Saunton admire their prize.
Our lovely boat.
Neil Phillips John Farr Andy Bray Graham Sloman Steve Rogers